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Jason Kidd going to the Milwaukee Bucks

I know I haven’t been blogging in a pretty long time.  But this situation has inspired me to write about the NBA again.  I will try my best to consistently blog.

With that being said, I’ve been reading about the Jason Kidd situation, and I think that it’s absolutely absurd.  Nets GM Billy King took a chance on Kidd and gave him a coaching position when Kidd didn’t have any coaching experience.  Even after the Nets got off to a horrible start, King stuck by him.  There are reports that King was contemplating firing Kidd, which is understandable, but he didn’t.  And now Kidd shows his appreciation by asking King for his job.

I mean, that’s pathetic.  Kidd is so stuck up, power-hungry, and way out of his league.  Just last week, the Bucks’ new owners said they are committing to long term improvement, making smart decisions and slowly building a contender.  I think this decision will force the Bucks to take a couple of steps back.

But Jason Kidd seems to be burning bridges wherever he goes.  His actions are inexcusable, and uncalled for.  I hope the Bucks now stay at the bottom of the NBA for the whole time Kidd is there.

And one last thing, what does this mean for Larry Drew?  He hasn’t been in contact with the Bucks, and he’s been nothing but a faithful coach.  I hope he gets a really great position in the NBA.

NBA Standings Predictions 2012-2013 Central Division

1. Indiana Pacers

things are looking up…

the indiana pacers had a good run last year, with them making the playoffs and forcing the heat to 6 games.  they are a very balanced team that is very deep.  i felt like they were trying to prove that they weren’t just a team who makes the playoffs and can’t really go far, and won’t back down from anything.  at first, it was pretty cool, until it got too much and they started challenging everything the heat were doing.  their leader was danny granger, who had a reputation as a soft player, but kept getting in lebron’s face about every little thing, small or big.  it was pretty annoying, and in my opinion, they should just play.  it’s not like the heat were doing anything dirty. but this offseason, they accomplished their main priority, which was retaining roy hibbert.  he was key last season, and when he does well, the whole team does well.  he has the size advantage over many, and he also can shoot and defend.  david west and danny granger also bring leadership, and together with hibbert, they have one of the better front courts in the league.  paul george also blossomed last year, although he kind of disappeared in the playoffs.  but he is a young version of andre iguodala, he just needs to work on a few things to improve.  he’s not at andre’s level yet, and it might take a while to get there.  darren collison, who brought a spark off the bench, is gone, but replace by DJ augustin.  he’s a nice addition, and hopefully he could fit in with the rest of the team.  with their bench, they’re primed to take on miami, although i still think that they won’t.  they will be in the middle of the east when the playoffs come, and i see them finishing in the second round (again). starting 5: hibbert, west, granger, george, hill 2. Chicago Bulls

this dude needs to come back

chicago’s season came to an abrupt end with derrick rose went down and they lost in the first round to the 76ers.  derrick rose is expected to miss the majority of the season, and everyone is hoping that he will return back at full strength.  he’s a very physical player who depends on his athletic ability to play.  if he doesn’t have that, then it might be hard for him to have an impact this season.  he missed a big chunk of time last year, and the bulls did well during his absence.   but still, they need rose in order to go far in the playoffs.  they’re aren’t the same team without him. the rest of the roster is still pretty good, with the overpaid boozer and joakim noah in the front court and richard hamilton with newly added kirk hinrich in the back.  luol deng just played in the olympics and played almost every single minute for his team.  so he’s pretty tired, not really getting a chance to rest at all.  i know they will still do well in the season, but come playoff time, i don’t expect them to really get anywhere.  it all depends on rose.  their bench is still decent with nate robinson coming aboard and taj gibson still here.  but they need a go-to scorer who will be able to just take over games with rose recovering.  until then, they won’t be contenders. starting 5: noah, boozer, deng, hamilton, hinrich 3. Milwaukee Bucks when you have two small guards that are both undersized and they’re your starting backcourt, that’s not good.  you thought i was talking about the warriors?  i was actually talking about the bucks, who acquired monta ellis last season.  brandon jennings is still the starting point guard, ellis is starting at the 2, but they both need the ball to be effective.  i don’t know how well that worked last season, but i know they didn’t make the playoffs.  i don’t expect them to make the playoffs this year either, although they have some decent pieces.  andrew bogut was a good big man, but an injuried big man.  he missed tons of games and because of that, the bucks’ defense suffered.  so they went and got samuel dalembert when houston was having a fire sale.  they still have drew gooden, and mike dunleavy, who hasn’t really been the same since getting injured while in indiana.  but they’re stacked in the frontcourt, i just hope none of their guards get injured.  they only have 1 backup each for ellis and jennings, so i’m assuming they’re going to carry the load.  coach scott skiles is a strict coach, but it seems like he can’t get his players to do anything really.  but they should do decently well. starting 5: dalembert, gooden, dunleavy, ellis, jennings 4. Cleveland Cavaliers last season was horrible, but there was one bright spot on the team: kyrie irving.  he won the rookie of the year with a year that was just as good as lebron’s rookie year.  and that’s impressive.  he won the rookie game MVP, and he was just phenomenal.  “uncle drew” irving led the team in scoring and assists last season.  he is recovering from a broken hand but he seems poised to follow his rookie year with an equally impressive 2nd year.  this team has some hope, and they some good pieces around irving like tristan thompson and anderson varejao.  they need a couple of more players, and they lost antawn jamison to the lakers, so this year will still be a rough year, but i think this is all part of the learning process.  but it all starts with irving.  they have a very good coach in byron scott, who last took the nets to the finals, and under his guidance, the cavs will make steps in the right direction.

starting 5:  varejao, thompson, casspi, gibson, irving

5. Detroit Pistons

the pistons have been in a rut for the past few years, with joe dumars making some head turning signings like that guy up there.  but it is what it is, and they have to try and make the best of it.  the only one who is from the 2004 title is tayshaun prince.  everyone else is new, and they have a few decent players like greg monroe and brandon knight.  rodney stuckey is an experiment that didn’t pan out like it was supposed to.  and so they’re stuck with stuckey, charlie villenueva, and veterans like corey maggette.  i think it’s pretty hard to have hope, especially with a locker room that is supposedly as bad as detroit’s.  the coach cannot control his team, and it’s been like this for awhile.  hopefully brandon knight brings some excitement and some basketball back to detroit.

starting 5: monroe, jerebko, prince, stuckey, knight