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Rajon Rondo and Kris Kardashian Fight

last night, the boston celtics and the brooklyn nets played and rondo took exception to a hard foul on kevin garnett by kris humpries.  the foul really wasn’t that hard, and rondo just overreacted a bit.  i think rondo shouldn’t have started anything, and i think it’s hilarious that his jersey was taken off like hockey.  kevin garnett and gerald wallace also got into it as well.  everyone involved except kevin garnett were ejected, and i expect a 3-5 game suspension on rajon rondo.  i think he deserves it, because his actions were clearly unwarranted and he has a history of not being able to control his temper.  he’s kinda hard headed, and it’s admirable that he stood up for his teammate, but please use discretion when choosing when to fight.  even doc rivers said his team is soft, so i’m sure he didn’t think it was a hard foul at all, even though he said so to the media.  also, kris humpries posted his battle wounds after the game.  i thought that was hilarious..

Kris “Kardashian” Humphries signs with Nets

the brooklyn nets just signed kris humphries for a whopping $24 million for 2 years.  that’s insane, even though he averaged a double-double.  but still, at first it didn’t make sense to me.  until i read an article talking about how the nets are still trying to get dwight howard to brooklyn.  confused?  the nets need the contracts to make it work for dwight.  and they’re banking on the magic retaining howard until january of 2013.  that’s when they could trade humphries and brook lopez again after signing them.  it puts them in a better position to make a play for dwight.  so i guess we’ll see about how all this turns out.