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Houston Rockets Pitch to Melo using Jeremy Lin’s Number

Does that number look familiar?

Today the Houston Rockets met with Carmelo Anthony and tried to convince him that Houston is the place for him.  They put billboards up with Melo in a Rockets uniform, with his number, number 7.  That also happens to be the same number Jeremy Lin wears.  And guess what?  He’s still on the Rockets.  While it’s pretty much public knowledge that Jeremy Lin would get traded if Melo signs with the Rockets, it’s pretty disrespectful to use his number while he’s still on the team.  It seems like Carmelo follows Jeremy Lin everywhere he goes and kicks him out.  It happened when Lin was on the Knicks, and now it’s happening with the Rockets.  All I know is that I respect Lin for taking the high road, quoting Luke 6:29 on Twitter instead of lashing out.  It must be awkward.

Video: Jeremy Lin playing ball in Taiwan

hopefully he regains form for this upcoming season.  he balls with david lee.

NBA Standings Predictions 2012-2013 Southwest Division

1. San Antonio Spurs (57 wins)

they’re getting old…

the spurs always impress me (and everyone else) every year.  everyone says that they’re getting old, that they don’t have anything left in the tank, and then they make it to the western conference finals.  although i do believe that they won’t win another title with this core because of the other teams and how they’ve improved, they will be a very good team, one that will cause some teams to not win a championship.  as i’ve said before, the regular season is different from the playoffs, something that coach popavich knows well, and he does his best to prepare his team for that.  they also have a lot of good role players, one that fits their system really well.  their bench is a decent bench, although they don’t really have any above average players.  the closest is stephen jackson, but he’s past his prime and doesn’t score like he did in milwaukee.  if patrick mills can do what he did in the olympics, then they would be  in a great position to upset some teams.

this team should compete for the next 3 years at least, since duncan just signed an extension with them.  ginobili seems to be getting better with age and is able to stay on the court longer.  tony parker needs to have another MVP year if the spurs want a chance to compete.  but they will win this division.

starting 5: diaw, duncan, leonard, ginobili, parker

2. Memphis Grizzlies (52 wins)

the grizzlies kinda stayed put this offseason, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but when other teams that were already better make improvements, then staying put doesn’t really help them.  they also lost OJ Mayo, a good shooting guard who was great off the bench.  this team is a very grind-it-out team, and that’s a good thing.  they also have a go-to scorer in gay and randolph.  they also have a good point guard in michael conley, and a a defensive stopper in tony allen.  the only thing they’re lacking is 3 pointers.  they were one of the last teams in 3 pointers made, because they throw it into the low post all the time.  that’s fine and all, but if your low post game isn’t working because you run into, let’s say, the lakers, then you don’t really have any other option.  marc gasol is also a big man who can help others get better with his passing.  but his brother also does that as well.  they should just hope that they don’t see LA in the playoffs or it won’t end well for them.

don’t get me wrong, they’re a good team.  it’s just that their growth process is going slower than other teams, like OKC and the clippers.  they also can’t compete with the lakers or even the spurs.  they can’t compete for a title, but they can be a playoff team.

starting 5: gasol, randolph, gay, allen, conley

3. Dallas Mavericks (45 wins)

no dwill or dwight?

this past summer was an awful offseason for the mavericks, as they failed to really get anyone to come to dallas and help dirk nowitzki out.  there were high expectations, but they failed miserably in all of them.  their first target was deron williams, who resigned with the nets.  then there was dwight howard, who eventually got traded to the lakers.  they also wanted to retain jason kidd and jason terry.  kidd ditched them last minute to go to new york, and jason terry (who i can’t stand) went to boston.  so when all was said and done, they signed a past-his-prime elton brand and chris kaman to replace them.  they did make some positive signings, with darren collison (who excelled in the playoffs) and and OJ Mayo, an extremely good shooting guard.

but i feel bad for dirk, and i don’t even like the mavericks in general, but their plan failed big time.  and dirk wants to win another ring in dallas, but that looks like it won’t happen anytime soon.  right now they look like a bunch of veterans who were once the stars of their teams, but now aren’t so great.  with vince carter, brand, kaman, and shawn marion, they’re hanging on their last limbs right now.  so i don’t really expect much from them this year, and i hope they can retool for next year.

starting 5: kaman, nowitzki, marion, mayo, collison

4. New Orleans Hornets(25 wins)

the brow is coming to new orleans

what a difference one season makes.  last year, the hornets looked like they made the dumbest trade when they got eric gordon and some draft picks for chris paul.  and look what that got them?  only anthony davis and austin rivers, along with a really bright future.  they also got ryan anderson this summer, a sharpshooter who i think is eager to prove that he’s more than just dwight’s sidekick.  it will be interesting to see if he can keep up his play from last year.  but this is a really good foundation, with davis, rivers, gordon, anderson, and robin lopez.  they also have a great coach in monty williams, and thing are really looking up for them.  davis played with the USA team in the olympics, and i’m sure he picked up a few things from the superstars of the league.  you can never underestimate how valuable that is.  gordon has the experience and the leadership qualities if he could stay healthy.  davis can be a problem in the paint, and also a good defensive presence that they need.  they just have really good pieces, and it might take them a while to figure it out, but they can be a really good team for years to come.  but for now, they’re no. 4 in this division.

starting 5: davis, anderson, aminu, gordon, vasquez

5. Houston Rockets (22 wins)

there was a lot of drama in new york and houston, as jeremy lin signed with the rockets for a huge amount of money.  teams going back and forth debating who played who, and jeremy lin supposedly was stuck signing the only contract that was available to him.  and so now, he’s a rocket for the second time.  i guess that was a success in GM morey’s eyes, but he pretty much had a full fire sale in order to try and lure dwight howard to texas.  that didn’t really pan out, so now they aren’t really left with anyone.  kevin martin will be a good sidekick for lin, and i’m sure toney douglas is happy that lin is in houston again, taking over his job.  but i don’t think this will amount to many wins this year.  the offense will be centered around jeremy lin, and lin is a pick and roll player.  right now, he doesn’t have anyone to roll with.  houston got rid of everyone so i’m not sure how this will pan out.  they got asik, but he’s a defensive player, not even a hint of offense in him.  so i don’t know how that will work.  also, more teams will pay attention to lin this year, and i don’t know know how he’ll handle the pressure.  but i don’t expect them to go anywhere this year.

starting 5: asik, patterson, parsons, martin, lin

Jeremy Lin’s Offseason

here’s a video recapping jeremy lin’s offseason.  i’m assuming this is a few weeks old, since he’s still wearing new york basketball t-shirts.  but it seems like he’ll come back stronger than ever.

Jeremy Lin is Taking Off…

yep, he got paid

to houston!  the knicks didn’t match the houston offer and now he’s in the city that yao built.  it’s a good destination for him, but i’m sure knick fans are reeling right now.  they even signed a petition for the knicks to keep but to no avail.  but you already knew knicks weren’t going to match it, since even carmelo said it was a “ridiculous contract.”  and anything melo says, go.   i guess dolan thinks that felton and kidd are a better combo than lin and kidd.  and kidd is pretty much pointless since he isn’t going to mentor anyone this year.  should have waited, kidd.

Jeremy Lin a Rocket?

this could come true in 2 days

when it came to jeremy lin, it was always assumed that he would be resigned with the knicks after his contract up.  after all, all he did was change the knicks from a garbage team to a playoff team, as well as solved cable disputes.  he’s a good player, not a great one, but to me, it seemed like he was overhyped back in february or march or whatever month it was he blew up.  but he signed a $25 million contract with the rockets, and although the knicks said they would match up to “1 billion dollars” to retain him, that doesn’t seem to be the case.  reportedly, the knicks just reacquired raymond felton in a trade for jared jeffries.  it seems like that is a sign that they won’t match lin’s offer to the rockets.

in my opinion, it’s a toss up.  for basketball purposes, i probably wouldn’t resign him for that much.  that’s a lot of money being thrown for a guy who can’t go left.  he’s good, but is he going to get you past, let’s say, the heat?  absolutely not.  past the celtics? maybe.  past the bulls? no.  the knicks could get past any other team without lin, so why sign another player for that much if he can’t help you move forward?  from a financial standpoint, i would do it.  i guess you can say that he inspires the knicks to do better.  you could sense it in new york and everywhere else, that there was hope for the knicks because lin was playing.  just from that alone, he might be worth $25 million.  i don’t really know how much revenue the knicks get from advertising and merchandising, but if they got a huge chunk back, then they would be making out, and not losing money for it.  everyone is pretty much saying that the knicks should resign lin, but you never know with dolan.  usually whatever makes sense for the franchise, he won’t do.

but if i were the knicks, i would resign him.  if he doesn’t pan out within a year, then trade him.  if joe johnson could get traded, then there are no untradeable contracts in the NBA.

Jeremy Lin Upset with Knicks

apparently, jeremy lin is upset with the knicks because the knicks didn’t offer him a contract and waited until the rockets offered him one to match it.  really?? i mean, i wasn’t too fond of jeremy lin before, but it looks like this linsanity thing is getting to his head.  every single restricted free agent in the history of the nba (as far as i know) has never been offered a contract by their team.  another team always offers a signing sheet and then the home team matches.  unless you’re kobe, lebron, or another player of that caliber, then you don’t get offered a contract from your home team first.  is jeremy lin a franchise player like lebron or kobe?  absolutely not.  what is he thinking?  just because he sold a bunch of merchandise (which was insane), and just because he made a buzzer beater, beat the lakers once, that he deserves to be treated like the best player on the planet?  the knicks have said all along that they will match anything another team gives him, so what’s the big deal? i don’t really get it.  and if he’s supposed to be christian, then maybe he should just not say anything and continue to rehab that knee.  just remember jeremy, last year you had a non-guaranteed contract.  all of the sudden, you’re expecting to be king.  you ain’t lebron.  this dude is crazy.