Kyrie Irving X Foot Locker “Week of Greatness” Trailer

this commercial is pretty funny.  i think kyrie is a pretty good actor if you’d ask me, with this and the “uncle drew” commercials as well.  check it out!

James Harden High Fives….No one

i guess he was just practicing for when he shot regular free throws…

The LA Lakers’ New Head Coach is….Mike D’Antoni!!

Yeah!! I got the job from PJ!!

so it looks like the lakers decided to go after d’antoni since phil jackson was making outrageous demands from the busses and the organization.  it looks like it was an issue of control and the busses didn’t want to give that up.  it’s not like the split between jackson and the lakers ended amicably last time.  so jackson wanted full control of personnel, didn’t want to travel to some laker road games, and wanted a huge contract from them.  there were even rumors about jackson wanting a part of the lakers ownership.  i don’t know if that’s true, but the lakers decided they weren’t going to be pushed around and went with d’antoni, who signed a 4 year, $12 million dollar contract.  i do believe that the players fit more into d’antoni’s system, rather than the triangle.  and there will still be some adjustments from the players, but it would have been more if jackson was coaching.  so from that standpoint, the lakers are correct saying that d’antoni is a better fit.  and they have dwight howard, who is a defensive monster when healthy, and a great pick and roll guy, especially with steve nash as the point guard.  so we’ll see what happens from here.  there has to be an adjustment period still, the same as if mike brown was coaching also.  but i do believe that the lakers made a great choice in their pick.

Mike Brown Fired as Los Angeles Lakers Head Coach

I know, Mike, I have the same reaction

well, today, after the lakers started out 1-4, only beating the detroit pistons this season, fired their head coach mike brown.  they’ve only won one game out of 14, if you count the preseason also.  i thought it was kinda quick, and i have a feeling many others feel the same way.  they only had steve nash healthy for one game, and they were still learning how to work together.  they were inserting a new offense, the princeton offense, which required many adjustments, in terms of how their team played.  here’s my take on it.

i think that the lakers pulled the plug too early on mike brown.  he is a really good coach, one of the best in the league.  he only took lebron and the cavs to the finals when their next best player was larry hughes.  that’s saying alot.  he i don’t think he had a chance to really make adjustments so that the lakers could succeed.  he came in last year, and personnel was all messed up with pau gasol sad that the lakers didn’t want him, lamar odom all the of sudden getting traded for nothing, and everything out of whack.  so last season was the first season he coached the lakers, and he led them to the semifinals, where they got swept by the thunder.  he wanted to  implement the princeton offense, which involves alot of ball movement.  some people say it’s for players who aren’t really that great, so the ball movement makes up for the skills that the players have.  this was before they got steve nash and dwight, but mike brown wanted to try this even after they got those players.  nash in particular isn’t used to that style of play, and he was trying to adjust.  i think that mike brown

New Alternate Uni’s for the Thunder

here are the new uni’s for the thunder that they will be wearing on friday.  it looks alright, not a huge fan of it right now.  maybe it’ll grow on me a bit.

Kevin Durant Dunk

pretty crazy dunk by a skinny dude

Lamar Odom still thinks he’s with the Lakers

this might seem like a harmless mistake, but that’s pathetic.  come on man, you’ve been away from the lakers for almost a year already.  get over the fact that the lakers traded you and you’re not with them anymore.  really?