Blake Griffin Signs Extension

looks like he’ll be donning this uniform for at least a couple of more years.  today, he just agreed to a 5 year deal.  it could be worth up to $95 million, depending on what he does next year.  if he’s voted an all-star starter, or if he earns an all-nba second team selection, then it maxes out at $95 million.  if he doesn’t, then i’m assuming that he only gets around $70 million or so.  this could be the difference in the clippers getting another player to help them later in a couple of years.  but, congrats to blake griffin.

Team USA Practice Recap (Video)

here’s some footage of team USA’s practice.  blake griffin does some incredible dunks in this one.  i’m still waiting for him to make a jumpshot though.  go #TEAMUSA!

UPDATE: here’s some better footage of blake griffin’s dunk

Roy Hibbert to sign Portland offer

well, it looks like portland will temporarily have another big man to play alongside lamarcus aldridge.  i’m not sure if indiana is going to match, but if they were smart, they would.  hibbert is going to be a legitimate force in the nba, if not for his height, but he also has skill in the low post, as well as a jump shot.  so we’ll see.

Dwight Howard Situation

I know right, can we just get this saga over with?

right now, this is what the update is.  the magic wanted to send dwight to the lakers, but bynum isn’t guaranteeing that he will sign long term with orlando, so that’s a no go for the magic.  so the magic went back to brooklyn.  brooklyn was trying to find a third team to help out with the dwight deal, and it seemed like orlando wasn’t willing to cooperate last week with it.  the details of it is not all revealed yet, but i think marshon brooks would go to cleveland, as orlando seems to think they have no need for him, brook lopez and kris humphries to orlando, and dwight (of course) going to brooklyn.  there is also concern that there will not be a balance in competitiveness in the league.  with that being said, lakers just got nash last week.  honestly, if a team can complete this kind of trade, and if they are willing to do so, then why not?  i think most people would rather see a bunch of really good players play together, rather than a bunch of teams with just one star trying to carry their whole team, ala the bulls.  and, if the lakers get dwight, isn’t that the same thing?  but that’s just me.

in other free agent news…

KIRK HINRICH is going back to the bulls.  that’s a nice pickup for them, since derrick rose is injured with a torn acl and mcl.  hinrich is a solid point guard, knows what he needs to do, and is a decent defender as well.

RYAN ANDERSON is being traded to the hornets for some dude.  i think in order to make this work, the hornets have to renounce the rights to some players, like chris kaman and carl laundry, both who are good players to have.  this move wil give anthony davis room to operate all day in the post.  looks like things are shaping up only a year after trading chris paul.

MARCUS CAMBY is discussing being traded to the knicks.  he would like a starting job, which miami can give him, but miami is not in a position financially to offer as much as the knicks could offer him.  i think camby should go to miami, not because i’m a heat fan, but because it’s a better fit, with chandler already on the knicks.

COURTNEY LEE is being courted by celtics.  after losing ray allen to the heat, the celtics are desperate for another shooting guard to either start, or backup jason terry/avery bradley.  that would be a good pickup, as lee is a 40% shooter from downtown.

NICK YOUNG is going to the sixers.  don’t really get this move, unless iguodala is moving.  they had to amnesty elton brand to make this move.

Team USA’s Final Roster

here are the names selected for Team USA, who will participate in the Olympics this summer in London:

C- Tyson Chandler

PF- Blake Griffin, Kevin Love

SF- LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony

SG- Kobe Bryant, Andre Iguodala, James Harden

PG- Chris Paul, Russell Westbrook, Deron Williams

i think this roster is a very good one (obviously), but the key component here is that there are multiple people who can play different positions.  that will certainly help a bunch.  for example, james, durant, anthony, love, iguodala, harden, and even williams can all play at least two positions.  people like james and durant can play 4 or 5 positions.  also, this group is going to be faaassstt…. like crazy fast.  i’m excited to see what they can do and how they will play.  Let’s go Team USA!

Ray Allen to the Miami Heat

so it looks like miami is poised to win it again next year with the signing of ray allen.  allen took less money in order to have a better chance in winning another championship.  kevin garnett and paul pierce must be crying right now.  i don’t think celtics have another chance to win.  #big4

NBA Free Agent Update

Here’s a blog that will be updated frequently to report anything about the NBA.

the past week or so has been busy, with the free agent period starting and many people have signing with new teams, or being traded to new ones.  here are some of the major ones that have occurred so far.

DERON WILLIAMS RESIGNS WITH THE NETS FOR $100 MILLION- i think this a good move for deron, seeing that one of the two teams he was interested in, the mavs, are falling apart right now.  there weren’t a lot of weapons with the mavericks and even though they have a really good owner in mark cuban, brooklyn has a russian owner with no restraint in spending money.  that’s good news for him.  if he went to the mavericks, he would have had dirk nowitzki, a washed up vince carter, and a washed up shawn marion.  with the nets, he has gerald wallace, brook lopez, a couple of young players through the draft, AND…..

JOE JOHNSON TRADED TO THE NETS FOR JORDAN FARMAR, JOHAN PETRO, ANTHONY MORROW, JORDAN WILLIAMS, AND DESHAWN STEVENSON- yeah, the only name that matters is joe johnson. he’s a great addition to the team, although he comes with a hefty price tag.  but then, again, nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov doesn’t care.  the nets want to win now, and while they don’t have enough pieces to do that, it’s a good start.  deron williams and joe johnson will be one of the best backcourts in the nba.  the other duo that might compete with them is….

STEVE NASH TRADED TO THE LAKERS FOR NOTHING- well, not nothing but a couple of first and second round draft picks that will be no higher than 22.  basically, steve nash wanted to go to new york at first, but then decided to stay near his kids, and so he went to LA, the team he hasn’t liked in ages.  this is a big step for kobe, assuming that he’s going to allow nash to handle the rock for at least 60% of the time.  maybe kobe’s shooting percentage will be above 45% this year.  i would that’s a given, now that nash is on there.  nash comes at a $27 million price tag, and the lakers have a payroll about the size of the empire state building.  so i would think they would try hard to trade gasol.  but this is a good move for LA, and they’re now i would say one of the top 2 teams in the west.  OKC still is the top team in the west for me.  as a bonus, here’s a poster with nash in a LA uniform.  i’m sure bynum’s happy.

KEVIN GARNETT STICKS WITH THE CELTICS- for 3 more years!! as much as i love KG, and i’ve been a fan of his since the beginning, 3 more years is pushing it a tad too far.  maybe 2 years at most i would say, assuming they still want to be in the championship/playoff hunt in the next three years.

JASON TERRY SIGNS WITH THE CELTICS- i may have to not like the celtics after this one.  they’re just getting older, but also, i hate jason terry.  he’s just a really dirty player overall, and a cocky one as well.  and the celtics are saying that they want ray allen to come back also, but i don’t know how that’s going to work.  maybe ray allen can come to the heat (hmmm)….

JASON KIDD SIGNS WITH THE KNICKS- he just spurned the mavs into thinking he was going to sign with them, then in the last minute turn and sign with the knicks.  i was literally laughing when i saw this.  and now the mavs have no one besides dirk.  i’m sure he isn’t happy with cuban right now, or cuban has a really good explanation for all this.  dirk won’t ask for a trade, but he’ll be kinda unhappy.  half man, no amazing ain’t gonna cut it in this league.  the knicks are a good fit for kidd, as he could mentor jeremy lin, who just signed an offer sheet with the rockets (that the knicks will match), and also play a bit.  i’m sure it’ll be good to reunite him with amare, maybe get him extra motivated for this season.

NICOLAS BATUM AND BRANDON ROY TO THE TIMBERWOLVES- roy is coming out of retirement less than a year he retired, although i don’t know how good he’ll be.  batum actually wants to go to minny, as i guess portland isn’t that great right now.  good replacement for beasley, who just signed with the suns.

LAMAR ODOM BACK ON THE CLIPPERS-  the clips traded mo williams, who was unhappy there, to utah, and the jazz gave the mavericks some people.  hopefully odom will be able to regain the form he had when he won 6th man of the year.  that might take a while though…

DEVIN HARRIS FOR MARVIN WILLIAMS- don’t know why the hawks just did that, but that’s the hawks.  the already have jeff teague, and the jazz has some forwards.  i don’t know.  but this deal also allows them to make a run at dwight howard AND chris paul next year.  that’s a scary thought, if they also keep josh smith, who is dwight’s best friend.

and speaking of dwight, how can people not dislike him more than lebron?  he’s going back and forth constantly, saying the magic blackmailed him to stay with them, doesn’t want to be hated (how ironic), and wants to go to the nets.  if he does go to the nets, i don’t know if i’ll root for them.  right now, he’s just an unlikable character.  the magic should just get rid of him already, and i’m not saying that orlando management is the greatest either, because they’re not, but they need to get rid of him.  dwight’s a cancer in the locker room, and in the organization.  something needs to be done, asap.  if i were him, i would try for the nets, as he has been doing.  if he goes to LA, he’ll be stuck with no one after 3 years.  so nets it will be.  either that, or atlanta or the clippers.  wouldn’t that be something.

for the complete list of transactions go to this site