LeBron James and Free Agency

What will it be?

I’ve been anxiously waiting (like many other people) to see where LeBron will end up for next year.  I really hope it’s in Miami and not Cleveland.  The reports according to ESPN are that LeBron is considering the Cavs and the Heat right now, and I really think that if he chooses the Cavs, I would lose all respect for him.  Wasn’t it just four years ago when Dan Gilbert, the owner of the Cavs, wrote a seething letter about LeBron James, and how he was selfish, among other things, and that the Cavs would win a title befre LeBron did?  Well, two Heat titles later, Gilbert is begging for James to come back.  And if I was James, I would not go back.  disrespecting me like that would always stick with me.  I could not root for him if he did go back.  He wouldn’t win a title this year anyway, and he wants a 2 year deal?  Crazy talk.  And Chris Bosh would go to Houston.

I would be happy for Bosh, because he’ll get what max money that he deserves.  He’s a humble and unselfish guy, willing to sacrifice for the greater good.  And he never gets his due.  But he will finally when the Heat crumble after they all leave.

But I hope the big 3 stay together in Miami.

Things looking bleak for Miami

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