Heat Looking at Lowry

Will they be together next year?

Everyone is spectating the biggest free agency in a while.  And the biggest questions this offseason is whether or not the big 3 for Miami will return.  All signs point to yes, that they will defy odds and work it out so that they will all come back, and get some help.  And the main target looks like Kyle Lowry, the point guard from Toronto.  After the disastrous finals appearance from Mario Chalmers, the Heat know they need a replacement.  And Lowry seems to be the perfect fit.

But how can they afford him?  Well, according to ESPN, the big 3 have figured out a way to get some help.  They talked this past weekend and it seems like they’ve decided to take less…well, Bosh and Wade.  As for LeBron James, he’s going to get close to the maximum amount he can get, as he should be getting.  And Pat Riley is now saying they have around $12 million to get free agents.

I am anticipating what Riley has in store.  The way that James, Wade, and Bosh are redoing their contracts are defying odds and going against the grain.  It doesn’t matter if they get slack for being a superteam, they want to win championships and this is the best way to get them.  They just need some players that are a little younger and more athletic.  And I can’t wait for next season.

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