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All Hail the King


So it looks like LeBron James will be donning a Cavs jersey after all.  At first, I lost all respect for him.  Then I read his letter and I can see where he’s coming from.  He wanted to go home, and give hope to those in Ohio who have none.  He’s also forgiven those who have hurt him in the past, which include Cavs’ owner Dan Gilbert, and the fans of Ohio.  If you recall, Gilbert wrote a scathing letter disrespecting James for a decision that James made.  A decision that was rightfully James’s.  And the Cavs just took that letter off their website a couple of days ago.  Then, the fans burned James’s jersey in the streets and took down all the billboards that had him on it.  Gilbert also vowed to win a championship before James.  We all know how that went.

Then came this year’s free agency.  James was expected to resign with the Heat right away, but instead, he dragged the process out for 11 days, stranding the Heat in what they could do.  Then he left.  I read his letter to Sports Illustrated, and I have to admit, I respect him.  At first, when I heard the news, I didn’t know how he could make this decision.  I would have rather had him go anywhere else except Cleveland.  But I’ve accepted it, turns out that James is a bigger man (literally and figuratively) than me.  I don’t think I would have been able to go back after what happened.  I give him tons of credit.

But this one decision creates a domino affect for the rest of free agency.  You’ve already seen it, where Jeremy Lin was shipped off to LA, and then Carmelo Anthony is now only interested in Chicago or New York (ironic).  Houston is making room for Chris Bosh (one of my favorite players), and Dallas now might not get Chandler Parsons.  Also, Andrew Wiggins might get traded for Kevin Love, and there will be a new big 3 that the NBA has to deal with.  It’s just a chain reaction that all starts with James.

The person I should feel bad for is Dwyane Wade.  I don’t really like him, but he gets the short end of the stick.  What happens to him now?  I guess he gets his max money, but will be stuck in the middle of the pack in the Eastern Conference, and that’s thinking positively.  I just hope Miami doesn’t do him dirty and still ask him to take a pay cut.

Again, I respect James’s decision.  Am I going to root for him?  Probably not.  I’ve been a James supporter since the beginning.  So many countless hours defending him against everyone that I know.  But I don’t think I will follow him to Cleveland.  This is where I stop.  And so I must choose a team to root for again.  The Knicks, since I’m from New York?  I can’t put my belief in Carmelo Anthony, no matter how hard I try.  Portland behind Damian Lillard and LaMarcus Aldridge, along with with GM Neil Oshley?  The Boston Celtics, behind Danny Ainge, coach Brad Stevens, and whoever is on the roster?  The Clippers, who will hopefully get free from Donald Sterling’s grip?  The Spurs, who play the purest form of basketball, but also just beat the Heat?  The Warriors, who as fun as they are to watch, I just can’t get into anyone else besides Stephen Curry?  The Suns?

I think I”ll start a new leaf but also with that “outcast” pick and start supporting the Toronto Raptors, who have a great fan base, a bright future with Kyle Lowry and Demar Derozan, a good GM in Masai Ujiri, and most importantly, the most recognizable ambassador in Drake.  That’s the LeBron effect on me.  I will start rooting for the Toronto Raptors.


LeBron James and Free Agency

What will it be?

I’ve been anxiously waiting (like many other people) to see where LeBron will end up for next year.  I really hope it’s in Miami and not Cleveland.  The reports according to ESPN are that LeBron is considering the Cavs and the Heat right now, and I really think that if he chooses the Cavs, I would lose all respect for him.  Wasn’t it just four years ago when Dan Gilbert, the owner of the Cavs, wrote a seething letter about LeBron James, and how he was selfish, among other things, and that the Cavs would win a title befre LeBron did?  Well, two Heat titles later, Gilbert is begging for James to come back.  And if I was James, I would not go back.  disrespecting me like that would always stick with me.  I could not root for him if he did go back.  He wouldn’t win a title this year anyway, and he wants a 2 year deal?  Crazy talk.  And Chris Bosh would go to Houston.

I would be happy for Bosh, because he’ll get what max money that he deserves.  He’s a humble and unselfish guy, willing to sacrifice for the greater good.  And he never gets his due.  But he will finally when the Heat crumble after they all leave.

But I hope the big 3 stay together in Miami.

Things looking bleak for Miami

Houston Rockets Pitch to Melo using Jeremy Lin’s Number

Does that number look familiar?

Today the Houston Rockets met with Carmelo Anthony and tried to convince him that Houston is the place for him.  They put billboards up with Melo in a Rockets uniform, with his number, number 7.  That also happens to be the same number Jeremy Lin wears.  And guess what?  He’s still on the Rockets.  While it’s pretty much public knowledge that Jeremy Lin would get traded if Melo signs with the Rockets, it’s pretty disrespectful to use his number while he’s still on the team.  It seems like Carmelo follows Jeremy Lin everywhere he goes and kicks him out.  It happened when Lin was on the Knicks, and now it’s happening with the Rockets.  All I know is that I respect Lin for taking the high road, quoting Luke 6:29 on Twitter instead of lashing out.  It must be awkward.

Heat Looking at Lowry

Will they be together next year?

Everyone is spectating the biggest free agency in a while.  And the biggest questions this offseason is whether or not the big 3 for Miami will return.  All signs point to yes, that they will defy odds and work it out so that they will all come back, and get some help.  And the main target looks like Kyle Lowry, the point guard from Toronto.  After the disastrous finals appearance from Mario Chalmers, the Heat know they need a replacement.  And Lowry seems to be the perfect fit.

But how can they afford him?  Well, according to ESPN, the big 3 have figured out a way to get some help.  They talked this past weekend and it seems like they’ve decided to take less…well, Bosh and Wade.  As for LeBron James, he’s going to get close to the maximum amount he can get, as he should be getting.  And Pat Riley is now saying they have around $12 million to get free agents.

I am anticipating what Riley has in store.  The way that James, Wade, and Bosh are redoing their contracts are defying odds and going against the grain.  It doesn’t matter if they get slack for being a superteam, they want to win championships and this is the best way to get them.  They just need some players that are a little younger and more athletic.  And I can’t wait for next season.