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Lakers Dilemma

i know i haven’t written in this blog for awhile, but it’s kinda hard to actually write stuff about the nba when you don’t get a chance to watch a lot of it.  it’s different watching the game as opposed to the highlights.  but the trading deadline is coming up, and it seems like (one of) the big questions have been answered.  the lakers have reportedly told dwight howard that they won’t trade him before the deadline.  which gives some potential problems for the lakers.

the first is the way the lakers are playing.  they haven’t been able to figure out how to use gasol and howard at the same time, and it has taken kobe to be steve nash in order for the lakers to win some games.  this isn’t what the lakers envisioned when they got howard and nash.  their homerun is starting to look like a bunch of strikeouts.  it isn’t all of the lakers fault, as injuries to nash, gasol, howard, hill, and blake have all plagued the lakers.  but at the same time, their record should be better than what it is right now, because of the talent that’s on this roster.  the coaching change that came in the beginning of the season brought mike d’antoni, a guy who doesn’t know how to use the roster.  this is ironic, because the roster is why they chose d’antoni.  and now he can’t use them.

but the issue now is whether howard is going to resign with the lakers after this season.  and it seems like this is going to be dwightmare 2.0.  they don’t have a commitment from howard, and they’re not going to trade him.  that seems a little ridiculous because the future of the lakers without howard is pretty bleak.  they don’t have any draft picks, they don’t have any players who have a bright enough future where they could carry the franchise.  it all hinges on howard.  and that’s alot of pressure for someone who doesn’t make decisions easily.  at least lebron made his decision when he wanted to.

but i would definitely trade howard if i didn’t get a definite yes from him by february 21st.  end of story.  otherwise, i think there’s a bad ending for LA fans.  which i will rejoice in haha.