The LA Lakers’ New Head Coach is….Mike D’Antoni!!

Yeah!! I got the job from PJ!!

so it looks like the lakers decided to go after d’antoni since phil jackson was making outrageous demands from the busses and the organization.  it looks like it was an issue of control and the busses didn’t want to give that up.  it’s not like the split between jackson and the lakers ended amicably last time.  so jackson wanted full control of personnel, didn’t want to travel to some laker road games, and wanted a huge contract from them.  there were even rumors about jackson wanting a part of the lakers ownership.  i don’t know if that’s true, but the lakers decided they weren’t going to be pushed around and went with d’antoni, who signed a 4 year, $12 million dollar contract.  i do believe that the players fit more into d’antoni’s system, rather than the triangle.  and there will still be some adjustments from the players, but it would have been more if jackson was coaching.  so from that standpoint, the lakers are correct saying that d’antoni is a better fit.  and they have dwight howard, who is a defensive monster when healthy, and a great pick and roll guy, especially with steve nash as the point guard.  so we’ll see what happens from here.  there has to be an adjustment period still, the same as if mike brown was coaching also.  but i do believe that the lakers made a great choice in their pick.

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