NBA’s Flopping Rule

the NBA just came up with a “stance” against the flopping that is going on in the NBA.  so if players flop, they will be fined for it up to 5 times, starting from $5,000 to $30,000.  after that, there will be a possible suspension.  i like the idea of the NBA trying to clamp down on flopping, but i don’t think this is the way to go.  or it’s not a strong enough stance.  flopping sometimes can directly affect the game, whether it be a foul on an impact player, or it leads to foul shots, or it stops the rhythm of the game.  it just disrupts the game.  and sometimes that can lead to a team maybe winning when they’re not supposed to.  i think it should be an offensive foul, or two technical foul shots, or a direct penalty of some sort.  and maybe the player who flopped has to be taken out of the game.  i’m just throwing ideas out there, as i’m not sure what the correct approach is.  and a fine is ok as well.  i think they need to take a harder stance on it.  that’s my take.  what’s yours?

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