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Gerald Green’s Monster Dunk

Blake Griffin 360 shot against…Pau

He didn’t dunk but, he made an amazing shot..and you know he didn’t plan this, he just wanted to turn.  but i guess Pau must be mad haha…

LeBron James hit with a technical…for nothing

so if you can’t call a flop until after the game, and it wasn’t a flagrant because he had the ball, then why exactly was a techincal called on him?  these refs need to get the rules straight

License to Lillard Episode 3

this is a video follow damian lillard on his road to the draft.  pretty cool video.  on a side note, in nba 2k13 i already took his place as the starting point guard


i have to say, these are better looking than his previous ones.  they look pretty dope.

The Return of DRose: Episode 5: Drive

“Dream Role”

this article takes you through Natalie Nakase’s journey to be the first female coach in the NBA.  it’s a pretty interesting read, and i hope she does achieve her goal.  that would be amazing.  it’s pretty lengthy, but i highly recommend reading it.  courtesy of ESPN.