NBA 2K13 is insane!!!

if this article is correct and updated, which i’m sure it is, this game is going to be an amazing game.  besides the improved gameplay, there is also all these little extras (and some big extras as well) that will have fans flocking to this game.  there is no competition at all.  here are some of the features that are going to be included: in depth career mode, improved soundtrack syncing with the game menus, the dream team and the olympic teams, and you could build your own kicks.  but not only that, the kicks you build CAN BE PURCHASED AND YOU CAN PHYSICALLY WEAR THEM.  THEY CAN BE DELIVERED TO YOUR HOUSE (IN REAL LIFE) AND YOU CAN WEAR THEM TO SCHOOL OR WORK, OR WHEREVER!!!!!!!!! that alone should be reason enough to get the game.

the game is coming in october.  preorder it so you could get the all-star weekend package as well.  this is going to be nuts.


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