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The Return of DRose

here are episodes 2 and 3 of the return of derrick rose.  they’re following him everywhere he goes, and are keeping track of his progress as he comes back from injury.

Spurs New Unis (Photos)

looks like the spurs are trying something different.  i think it will take awhile to get used to, as to me, it looks like high school uniforms.  like they were too cheap to put some letters on the front.  but we’ll see.  maybe others have a better reaction to it.  some more pics after the jump. Continue reading

John Wall’s Summer


it looks like john wall has been playing alot of ball this summer, playing just about anyone who wants to go at him. honestly, he looks really good, really quick and it seems like he’s motivated. on the other hand, i’ll wait to see what he does when he plays against professionals, as opposed to the everyday joe (or jane). so we’ll see.  click on the link above

Career Highlights

here are some career highlights of reggie miller, who was just inducted to the hall of fame, and brian scalabrine, who was not.  the video of scalabrine made him seem like one of the better players in the league.  they probably just showed all the points he scored in the NBA.

Brooklyn Nets New Stadium

the brooklyn nets are trying to turn a new leaf, and from the look of things, they might have something.  i think presentation goes a long way and jay-z certainly knows that.  they just revealed how the new stadium will look like.  i have to say, it looks pretty dope.


Epic Block Fail

Oklahoma college player Buddy Hield claimed that he could block a blake griffin dunk.  needless to say, he failed.  welcome to the NBA whenever you come.

NBA 2K13 Features

this SLAM article tells us some features that are going to come with the game.  for example, there will be a special court whenever the dream team is matched up with team usa 2012.  also, anything you do earns currency for your player in “my player” or “my career” mode.  and you can actually be selected #1 in the draft now.  i think i was drafted 7th in my career.  and i made every team that passed on me pay for their mistake, especially the utah jazz.  hopefully they’ll fix the all-star mode, where your player can actually start the game and be a big part of the game, as opposed to sitting on the bench most of the game and not really being a factor.

there is also a fantasy basketball mode, where you are given player cards and their stats translate to your team’s record.  and if you win the playoffs and championship, i think you get MJ himself on the team, which would be amazing.  you can play the GM, trying to sell high and buy low, trying to improve your team.

like i said before, i think this game will be the only game i play this year, as it will take over my life.  coming october 2nd, i will go into hibernation.