NBA Standings Predictions 2012-2013 Southeast Division

i apologize for not being able to get this out before today.  it’s been kinda hectic.  but here are my predictions for this year for this division.  after this i will have the playoff predictions and season awards.

1. Miami Heat (60 wins)

they finally did it.  they won a championship and it was pretty sweet.  lebron james my favorite player in the world, and i’m really happy that he was able to capture his first (of many) rings.  yep i said it, he will go down as one of the greatest, i would say at least top 3.  lebron was the key for the heat last year, and he had an MVP year.  he won the regular season MVP, the finals MVP, and he was the MVP for team USA in the olympics.  he’s really coming into his own as a player, and i’d say he can still improve, which is scary for the rest of the league.  dwyane wade had an up and down year, as there were times where he was hurting more than helping.  you can tell he’s getting a little older, and his body can’t really hold up as much anymore.  there were some rough times in the playoffs for him, like that 2 for whatever he shot against the pacers.  but he’s still a vital part of this team, helping lebron when lebron gets tired.  and then there’s chris bosh, who no one thought was important until he got hurt in the playoffs and they missed his inside presence and spacing on the floor.  these guys were the main players for this team, and they proved that they were winners.  the heat added a couple of important players that i think allows them to repeat this year.  they added ray allen from boston, and rashard lewis.  space is very important, especially with this team, because of the way lebron and wade slash to the hoop.  allen and lewis doesn’t allow teams to double team lebron, and keeps the defense honest.  mike miller might not be able to play, and the rest of the team are role players at best.  but because of the strength of the big 3 as well as allen, they have enough to win the whole thing this year again.  they will definitely win the east, and i expect them to repeat.

starting 5: bosh, james, battier, wade, chalmers

2. Atlanta Hawks (50 wins)

atlanta made a huge trade this past off season, giving up their top player in joe johnson and his huge contract.  oddly enough, that didn’t hurt their chances of making the playoffs and they’ll be in the same position this year as they were last year.  al horford was injured almost the entire season last year, and with him and josh smith healthy, their frontcourt is deadly.  they also added shooters like kyle korver and anthony morrow, which will certainly help.  and hopefully devin harris can resurge his career, after falling off a bit in utah.  their bench is ok, and lou williams will definitely give them a spark.  i think this year is a year where they’re just gonna weather the storm, because they know they have room to sign at least one other superstar next summer.  so they’re hoping they could get dwight howard, who is best friends with josh smith, or someone else to come as well.  but they will do pretty good in this weakened eastern conference this year.

starting 5: horford, smith, korver, morrow, harris

3. Washington Wizards (25 wins)

the wizards had a horrible year last year, and it just seemed like everyone on that team is immature and looking out for themselves.  john wall needs some teammates who will help him along his disappointing career so far, and the wizards have made some strides with that.  they traded for nene last year, and in this past offseason, they got emeka okafor and trevor ariza.  things are looking though, maybe just because all the other teams in this division are so bad.  but that doesn’t mean they will go anywhere in terms of winning a championship.  these years are growing years, although, i don’t know how long people will wait for john wall to mature.

starting 5: okafor, nene, ariza, beal, wall

4. Orlando Magic (15 wins)

the orlando magic for some reason took the worse deal out of all the deals that were available to them and no one knows why.  i was certainly confused and the deal didn’t make any sense for the magic.  they got al harrington, vucevic, and arron affalo, along with a couple of first round draft picks.  and those draft picks aren’t even going to be that high, because the lakers, nuggets, and 76ers will still be good.  so it’s not like they will rebuild like the thunder, which is their goal.  so their best players are glen davis and hedo turkoglu, and aaron affalo.  not a great way to start your franchise again.  the magic and the bobcats can switch places in the standings, just depending on how things turn out for the bobcats this year.  but orlando’s future is looking bleak, and it’s not going to get better anytime soon.  i feel bad for magic fans right now.

starting 5: ayon, davis, tukoglu, affalo, nelson

5. Charlotte Bobcats (15 wins)

the bobcats were the worst team last year, and that might change this year, but they’ll still be in the bottom 5.  their plan of tanking and getting the number 1 pick backfired when they didn’t get it, but they did get michael kidd-gilchrist.  kemba walker hasn’t really panned out the way he was supposed to, at least not last year.  so i guess they are going to try and build around draft picks, although that’s an awfully long process.  they still have tyrus thomas, who is a headache sometimes on and off the court, but a good player nonetheless.  they also have ben gordon, and ramon sessions, who did poorly with the lakers last season.  they will obviously hit some rough patches, but i think it will be good for michael kidd-gilchrist and kemba walker, and hopefully they will learn from it and this will motivate them to get better.

starting 5: haywood, biyombo, kidd-gilchrist, gordon, sessions

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