Olympic News

this past weekend, the United States Basketball team won the gold medal against Spain.  the game was tightly contested until midway in the fourth, when lebron took over and helped USA win the gold.  they deserved it, and even though many are saying that the world is catching up to the Americans, this was a squad that could have been better, if it weren’t for injuries taking place.  just imagine if they had chris bosh, dwight howard, and derrick rose.  that would have been amazing.

this has also been an amazing year for lebron james.  he won the season MVP, the NBA Finals MVP, won his first title, and won the gold medal at the olympics.  it seems like he can do no wrong, when last year, it looked like he could do no right.  i’m really happy for him, and i hope he can repeat the same thing next year, sans gold medal obviously.

in olympic news, there are rumors that they want to have a 3-on-3 contest in Rio.  imagine if they get lebron, kd, and dwight?  it’s a wrap.  that would be really exciting to see.  kinda like a rucker park tournament.  we’ll see if that comes into fruition.

i will begin a NBA season preview soon.  this will be my first every, and i’m really excited.  i will try to be as detailed as possible, and as helpful as possible. stay tuned.

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