Analysis of the Dwight Trade

so here is the proposed deal that will probably go down today.

the magic receive- arron affalo, al harrington, nikola vucevic, moe harkless, and 3 protected first round draft picks

philadelphia receives- andrew bynum, jason richardson

denver receives- andre iguodala

LA receives- dwight howard, chris duhon, earl clark

that is the deal.  this is the most ridiculous deal since….the lakers getting pau gasol for 4 draft picks.  are you starting to see a trend here?  here’s what i think of the trade.

philadelphia came out as winners in this deal, simply because no one thought they would get bynum and they got him.  only for iguodala.  iguodala is really good, don’t get me wrong, but at the same time, to have an inside presence like bynum when the next best center in the east is….roy hibbert, that’s pretty sweet.  they are definitely a top 5 team in the east as of right now, behind miami, brooklyn, boston, and maybe new york.  i’m not counting the bulls because rose is out for majority of the year.  and they could have afforded to let iguodala go because they have a bunch of players for the wings, like young and turner.  they did have to take richardson’s contract, but that’s a small price to pay when you get bynum.  they didn’t lose that much but gained a lot.  bynum still won’t sign an extension until the end of this season, but he’s close to home, so that might appeal to him.  we’ll see how that plays out.

denver also won because they got iguodala.   they upgraded from affalo and got rid of harrington’s contract.  they’re slowly shedding payroll, as they traded for mcgee last year and gave up nene.  he will fit right in with their style of play, and i think he’ll benefit a lot from denver.

the team that lost this trade was orlando.  they gave up the best player in the trade, and who did they get?  half those people i have no idea who they are.  just look at the names.  there were so many rumors of them getting players from other teams, such as kevin martin, or brook lopez, and the settled for affalo and harrington and a bunch of no names with draft picks that won’t even be that good.  they out held off for this?? orlando fans have to be mad, just because they didn’t receive andrew bynum.  the new owner wants to follow the OKC model, but that’s difficult to pull off.  plus you need a pick within the top 2 in the draft usually.  OKC got lucky with westbrook and durant, and ibaka, with james harden.  that’s 4 for 4.  that happens once in a couple of decades, maybe.  and the picks that they received won’t even be that good.  LA, phila, and denver are pretty good teams, and i think they will still be good when the draft picks go through.  that means that the picks will probably be in the 20s, or some number around there.  not a good look if you’re trying to rebuild a franchise.  so not only do they have those useless draft picks, they have contracts that are long in affalo’s and harrington’s.  don’t know what the GM was thinking.  if i was dwight, i’m glad i didn’t stick around, seeing how this GM is acting.  but the magic had offers from brooklyn and houston that were way better than this deal right now.  and they didn’t take the bait.  i’m assuming their backs were against the wall and they had no choice.  i’m sure brook lopez is breathing easy now.  but honestly, i expect the magic to not compete for the next decade.  who would want to go there with that management?  they made the most ridiculous trade ever.

now to LA.  the NBA must be rigged or something.  i don’t know how LA always gets these kind of deals.  the last deal they got for gasol was a stealer, as they just gave up draft picks.  and then they won two championships.  david stern was trying to prevent big market teams from dominating the league.  well, congratulations.  his plan backfired tremendously, and you can’t fault the heat because they did this before the new bargaining agreement.  but now, the lakers how have an all-star starting lineup.  look that the picture: nash, bryant, artest world peace, gasol, and howard.  i wouldn’t be so disgusted if they also gave up gasol, but they didn’t.  they gave up bynum, and in return they got the best center in the league in dwight howard and then some.  how do you pull that off?  does kupchak have hypnosis?  or some blackmailing material on david stern?  i mean, i can’t explain it.  there has to be another explanation for it.  but the lakers keep getting away with murder.  and honestly, they probably have 3 of the most hated players in the league, with bryant, howard, and world peace.  the only likable player on that team right now for me is nash.  he’s one of my favorite players, and it’s just unfortunate that he has to play for the lakers now.  just unfortunate.  but i think that this project will work, maybe not this year, but maybe next year.  and if it does, then it will be because of nash.  bryant and howard’s personality are totally different, and they might not mesh well together.  but nash will make it work.  but, i don’t like this trade for howard either.  after bryant and nash retire, who does he have to play with?  i would have taken the brooklyn deal so at least i would play with deron williams and joe johnson for longer, maybe the remaining of my career.  he does have the option of leaving after this year, and everyone knows he wants to be The Man on his team, and he won’t get that this year.  but this is obviously a short term solution, and it puts the lakers in the top 2 in the west with OKC.  i can see either LA or OKC making the finals, and they would go against the heat.

i still think that miami will win the whole thing, as they just added some firepower off the bench with ray allen.  but it will be tough to cover gasol and howard.

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