Jeremy Lin a Rocket?

this could come true in 2 days

when it came to jeremy lin, it was always assumed that he would be resigned with the knicks after his contract up.  after all, all he did was change the knicks from a garbage team to a playoff team, as well as solved cable disputes.  he’s a good player, not a great one, but to me, it seemed like he was overhyped back in february or march or whatever month it was he blew up.  but he signed a $25 million contract with the rockets, and although the knicks said they would match up to “1 billion dollars” to retain him, that doesn’t seem to be the case.  reportedly, the knicks just reacquired raymond felton in a trade for jared jeffries.  it seems like that is a sign that they won’t match lin’s offer to the rockets.

in my opinion, it’s a toss up.  for basketball purposes, i probably wouldn’t resign him for that much.  that’s a lot of money being thrown for a guy who can’t go left.  he’s good, but is he going to get you past, let’s say, the heat?  absolutely not.  past the celtics? maybe.  past the bulls? no.  the knicks could get past any other team without lin, so why sign another player for that much if he can’t help you move forward?  from a financial standpoint, i would do it.  i guess you can say that he inspires the knicks to do better.  you could sense it in new york and everywhere else, that there was hope for the knicks because lin was playing.  just from that alone, he might be worth $25 million.  i don’t really know how much revenue the knicks get from advertising and merchandising, but if they got a huge chunk back, then they would be making out, and not losing money for it.  everyone is pretty much saying that the knicks should resign lin, but you never know with dolan.  usually whatever makes sense for the franchise, he won’t do.

but if i were the knicks, i would resign him.  if he doesn’t pan out within a year, then trade him.  if joe johnson could get traded, then there are no untradeable contracts in the NBA.

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