Jeremy Lin Upset with Knicks

apparently, jeremy lin is upset with the knicks because the knicks didn’t offer him a contract and waited until the rockets offered him one to match it.  really?? i mean, i wasn’t too fond of jeremy lin before, but it looks like this linsanity thing is getting to his head.  every single restricted free agent in the history of the nba (as far as i know) has never been offered a contract by their team.  another team always offers a signing sheet and then the home team matches.  unless you’re kobe, lebron, or another player of that caliber, then you don’t get offered a contract from your home team first.  is jeremy lin a franchise player like lebron or kobe?  absolutely not.  what is he thinking?  just because he sold a bunch of merchandise (which was insane), and just because he made a buzzer beater, beat the lakers once, that he deserves to be treated like the best player on the planet?  the knicks have said all along that they will match anything another team gives him, so what’s the big deal? i don’t really get it.  and if he’s supposed to be christian, then maybe he should just not say anything and continue to rehab that knee.  just remember jeremy, last year you had a non-guaranteed contract.  all of the sudden, you’re expecting to be king.  you ain’t lebron.  this dude is crazy.

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